Secrets, Santas and Children

Yeap that’s how it began, that’s how an awesome experience with the SOS Children’s Village began, but of course, I’m getting ahead of my self, you see in the beginning I didn’t even plan for SOS Village, I had a different plan entirely, something not even on the same avenue as Community Service

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A Diwalian Smile


It’s the light up festival for Hindus all around the world, speaking of light up does remind you of something? See here, it spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair.

What better way to celebrate it than to give hope to a bunch of kids, to whom which life has been cruel. That’s why Rotaract Midtown decided to visit Shakthi Illam, an Orphanage in Ratamalana, primarily consisting of Hindu Orphans.

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An Arthurian Birthday


Well it started off as a typical night’s sleep except, uhmm well it was just after 2 am on the 02nd of October, and Sandaru calls me, “Miyuru?!, is it your birthday”, “Yes”, “Happy birthday bro!!!”, “Thank you, Sandaru” I answered sleepily, but still happy on the inside, because I get calls on my Birthday, I think I was having a nightmare before the call, but I settled back down into a happy dream, after the call.

On that day of my birthday, I spent most of my day in Negombo, enjoying the Midtown Club trip, boy that was awesome, you can read about that here

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It’s/was a wonderful life


Woke up one day a few weeks ago, and I noticed a pain in the knee, I can’t jump anymore, it hurts my right knee, I swear it feels like the bones are grinding each other sometimes on that leg. This was the same body, the same vessel that was able to jump an entire flight of stairs in one jump last year, that body that was ready to go bungee jumping if not for the hindering budget

I sleep longer hours, tired when I wake up, one week I got up looked at the calendar it’s September 27th, next week is my birthday, well it happened, I’m old, my body, this vessel is now 24 years old, 24 years ago it was 1992, it was 3 years before windows 95, a few years after the internet, I grew up with the internet, and saw lion king as childhood movie, toy story my first 3D Movie (also the world’s first) and lot of other things 90s things, I experienced as a child.

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Samma | Critical Analysis


Language is the ability to acquire and use complex systems of communication, particularly the human ability to do so, and a language is any specific example of such a system. – Wikipedia (which in turn cites from other sources, wiki is not as bad as academics say it is)

The purpose of any language is to communicate your ideas, thoughts and emotions to another person or persons, So speaking to them in language they don’t understand defeats that purpose

Languages differ in  dialect based on many aspects such as generational flow, Geo location and culture, traditions etc. But the point is that different people speak different languages, and sometimes miscommunications leads to conflict, so does racial superiority *cough* 30 year civil war *cough*, amongst many other things.

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A trip to remember | Midtown Family



I’m part of this club called The Rotaract Club called Colombo Midtown, It’s got a rich history, like a really long history since the 1980’s, I didn’t hear about it till my friends (Riffath and Kasun) from college got me in saying “dude! you need to come to this it’s fun” and it was! fun and food, free food well most of the time :).

Since the day I joined the club, they’ve been trying to organize a trip for the club, hmm… so that’s four years in the making since back then to now. It was Riffath who was the Secretary when I joined, then Malshani, afterwards Rashmi and now Salman, and Malshani became the president, and that trip’s gone through a lot.

So this is the story of how it finally happened, I am glad it did happen for a number of reasons, two men (Muji & Zayan) I respect very much are nearing the end of their Rotaract career, I want us to chill out with them at least once before that faithful day comes to pass, Midtown use to be a pretty tight club always there for each other in sickness and health, in happiness and sorrow, this trip is gonna make us a whole lot tighter.

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Hymens | Another Prejudice Tool

“Adam Ruins Everything” talks about the myths of the Hymen, what it is and what it’s not, it also important to consider. What about men? you can’t know when they loose their virginity cause men don’t have hymens. So we continue to have a prejudice tool to judge women

So go as far as to think that virginity is a form of purity, and protecting your hymen is your duty, when neither of them is true or even remotely related to each other, that’s just a thing we made up to be mean to women or oppress them

New Millennials view on clothing

I can’t wait for more seeds like this one to take over the world

More details on her

Eight-year-old girl calls Tesco out over ‘sexist’ kids clothes in viral video