The problem with Ayubowan


When we greet someone in Sri Lanka in a traditional manner we say “Ayubowan” with variations of the word depending on provinces, I’ve heard “Ayubong”, Ayuboowan” etc. but all of them have the same meaning. “Ayu” means life and “bowan” is an amalgamation of “Bohowan”, “Bohowewa” which means to become bigger, greater or longer depending on the context. Ayobowan means “May your life be longer”, a seemly harmless, positive greeting that seems to be very down to earth, until you break down the concept of what it means to live longer.

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The beauty of Irrelevance


If you take an amazing piece of artwork like the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, people sometimes say that her eyes are the most amazing, it seems to follow you where ever you go. In the old days if someone was asked to express the entire universe as the “Mona Lisa”, they would express her eyes as the center of the universe, on the surface of her pupils would the earth and humanity be cradled.

This self centered nature comes from the fact that we are self aware but without defined purpose, no intrinsic goals, nothing is really explained to us, except for the ones we come up on our own, why we’re here or what we’re doing. Since there is no one else around, humans began to assume that everything was created for them. We invented our gods, and then these gods went on to invent us.

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Oshadha Phase 02: Cracks in Time


I got it in from Katubedda with Sandamini, and the Mora gang. So this time I have no clue how early they left but they we arrived early by 25 minutes, sooooo. I guess pretty early. Oshadha you’ve done it again. Uno and Ommi have definitely made a come back to Rotaract, with the second time the Rotaract Travel Gang making a play.

There so much fun stuff that happened at the installation to which amazing even our own DRCC contributed a few of his own humorous input. but it was all in good faith

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That time Oshadha punched a hole in the space-time continuum


Lego Batman once said, “If you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make a change”, no seriously he said that right at the beginning of the movie – in this story Rtr. Oshadha was the one that made a difference.

Ah it’s the month of July in the year 2017, sorry no, let’s skip forward a bit, ah it’s Pamunugama Installation time, *wait!* too far, let’s go back a bit, Ah it’s the First District Council Meeting (DCM) for the month of July, hmm yeah, let’s start from there.

Sri Lankans are normally late for everything, in fact in the past few years people have taken pride in being late and almost painted being late as traditional Sri Lankan culture *sickly disgusting*. However, we redefined this tradition and decided to start proceedings on time this year.

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Up is down

Perhaps the most perplexing of all things is not the brain but the mind, it’s irrelevant to all things natural. Functional or otherwise.

Yet losing it can be worst feeling ever, because letting go can be hard, letting go of yourself, you love to much of you to see it change, or to see a day that doesn’t see you.

If I told a caterpillar that his world is about to change, how would it take the news, sad, happy, perplexed at the grand scheme of things or it might just inch away without care.

I don’t know the answer to that, but the mind it’s useless to the body. It really is, when you get sick your body already knew it was sick way before you’re mind knew it, the fever you get for example is not the infection, it’s the body trying to kill whatever it is that’s trying to kill you.

Your body knows their is a cancer in you, but it takes your mind a trip to the doctor, a test and a second opinion before you’re finally convinced that you’re dying. That your mind is finally going to be lost. Panicked it tries hard hold on to it’s legacy

I say that the mind irrelevant to the body, that the body can function with out the mind, but the truth is, it’s matter of perspective. the body is irrelevant to the mind it carries.
Hear that from me a person who’s minds so detached from the vessel, it doesn’t care either way, but the mind does it care about the vessel?, did it think about the liver when it downed that last shot of vodka, did it think about the lungs during that puff of smoke, no.

The mind and the body coexist, symbiotically but do they coexist peacefully, or do they just tolerate each other like neighbour who play loud music? given the option will they leave each other behind

Of course they will!

But what is most amazing is the steps that the mind takes to stick around in the world of the living, every story, every conversation an attempt etch impact to some one to remember

The body tries it’s best to go as silently as possible, after month of being dead there is almost no trace left of it’s existence

When in fear of death it is the mind that is afraid the most, in my opinion

Secrets, Santas and Children

Yeap that’s how it began, that’s how an awesome experience with the SOS Children’s Village began, but of course, I’m getting ahead of my self, you see in the beginning I didn’t even plan for SOS Village, I had a different plan entirely, something not even on the same avenue as Community Service

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A Diwalian Smile


It’s the light up festival for Hindus all around the world, speaking of light up does remind you of something? See here, it spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair.

What better way to celebrate it than to give hope to a bunch of kids, to whom which life has been cruel. That’s why Rotaract Midtown decided to visit Shakthi Illam, an Orphanage in Ratamalana, primarily consisting of Hindu Orphans.

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An Arthurian Birthday


Well it started off as a typical night’s sleep except, uhmm well it was just after 2 am on the 02nd of October, and Sandaru calls me, “Miyuru?!, is it your birthday”, “Yes”, “Happy birthday bro!!!”, “Thank you, Sandaru” I answered sleepily, but still happy on the inside, because I get calls on my Birthday, I think I was having a nightmare before the call, but I settled back down into a happy dream, after the call.

On that day of my birthday, I spent most of my day in Negombo, enjoying the Midtown Club trip, boy that was awesome, you can read about that here

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It’s/was a wonderful life


Woke up one day a few weeks ago, and I noticed a pain in the knee, I can’t jump anymore, it hurts my right knee, I swear it feels like the bones are grinding each other sometimes on that leg. This was the same body, the same vessel that was able to jump an entire flight of stairs in one jump last year, that body that was ready to go bungee jumping if not for the hindering budget

I sleep longer hours, tired when I wake up, one week I got up looked at the calendar it’s September 27th, next week is my birthday, well it happened, I’m old, my body, this vessel is now 24 years old, 24 years ago it was 1992, it was 3 years before windows 95, a few years after the internet, I grew up with the internet, and saw lion king as childhood movie, toy story my first 3D Movie (also the world’s first) and lot of other things 90s things, I experienced as a child.

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